Opening Day Climatology!

11/15/2012 11:40am

 "Opening Day Climatology" 

As most know, opening day of "Rifle Season" is about as close to a State Holiday as you can least up here in the North Country. So why don't we look at some of the "Gee Whiz" past extremes and interesting climatological facts of November 15th:
*Note- We're using cooperative observation data from Gaylord, since it has a good period of record and is in somewhat of a "Centralized Location".  We're going to look back as far as we can...which is going to include some years that contain missing data. But again, this is just for fun...I'll asterisk* any unofficial records.
Normal High Temperature: 41
Record High Temperature: 63 in 2001 and 1953
Record Coldest High Temperature: 23 in 1967
Normal Low Temperature: 27
Record Low Temperature: -1 in 1967
Record Warmest Low: 50 in 2001
Rainiest: 1.84" in 1927*
Snowiest (Highest Daily Snowfall): 7.0" in 1893*
Deepest Snow Depth: 14" in 1992
Looking back to 1893...the number of Opening Days with "Tracking Snow" of:
ZERO snow for tracking- 61*
Snow depth of 2" or More- 27*
Snow depth of 4" or more- 13*
Snow depth of 8" or more- 8*
Snow depth of 12" or more- 4*

*[You should know that data in Gaylord from 1893-1929 is "spotty"...and data from 1930 through 1939 is non existent].





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