All Sorts of Records Set in Traverse City on Wednesday

It was very warm balmy across all of Northern Michigan on Wednesday.  While the eastern U.P. stopped in the 50s, and northeast Lower Michigan in the 60s, northwest Lower Michigan, and Traverse City in particular, just kept going, and going, and going...

By the time the day was done, Cherry Capital Airport climbed all the way to 81 degrees.  That was the warmest reading in Northern Michigan, and one of the warmest in the entire state.  We don't see 80 degree temperatures in mid-March very often...actually, we never had at all, until Wednesday.

1)  Traverse City set a new record high for March 14th.  The previous record was 73 degrees, set in 1995.

2)  Traverse City set a new record for earliest in the year to reach 80+ degrees.  The previous earliest 80+ degree day was March 27th, 1945, when the high was also 81.  That record was beaten by almost two full weeks.

3)  Given that Traverse City has never reached 80 in late December either, Wednesday was the first 80 degree day ever in astronomical winter in Traverse City (December 21st to March 21st)Who needs to go to Florida?

And, by the way, while not nearly as impressive, Gaylord also tied its record high of 69 degrees yesterday, originally set in 1995.


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