Tornado Confirmed in Crawford County from Monday's Storms

A National Weather Service storm damage survey team investigated wind damage that occurred in southeast Crawford County on Monday evening.  The damage near the Forest Dunes Golf Club was confirmed to be a EF-1 tornado, with maximum wind speeds near 100 mph.

The tornado touched down at 928 pm on Monday, and lasted for about two minutes.  The initial damage - mainly in the form of sporadic damaged and/or uprooted pine trees - occurred near the entrance to Forest Dunes.  Damage in this area was rated EF-0, in the 65-85 mph range.

The tornado moved east-southeast, along the southern edge of the golf course property.  It eventually encountered a large clear-cut area of State Forest land just south of its track.  This allowed the associated southerly winds on the forward flank of the tornado to more directly strike a stand of trees along the State Forest land, just south of the fairway of the 5th hole at Forest Dunes.  That resulted in more considerable tree damage in this area, with pine trees snapped and uprooted, and numerous hardwoods uprooted as well.

Fortunately, the Golf Course grounds itself sustained only minor sporadic tree damage.  The pictures of the widespread damage below occurred in the forested tract along the edge of the clear cut state land.  Damage in this area was rated EF-1, with corresponding wind speeds in the 95-100 mph range.

The tornado continued east-southeast, eventually lifting southeast of the golf club.  The total path length was 1.3 miles, and the maximum width of the tornado was about 350 yards.


Note: in this last picture, most of the trees were downed from right to left, but after that, a few remaining trees were downed by a wind blowing away from the viewer.  This indicates that the damaging winds rapidly changed directions, which strongly suggests that a tornado was the culprit.

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