A Look at the History of 90 and above at Traverse City

So far, in 2012, Traverse City has reached, or exceeded, 90° on seventeen days. Just to place this in context, since 1896, when weather records began, Traverse City has averaged 10 days, each year, with temperatures 90° or above. Below are more interesting statistics, about summertime heat, in Traverse City.

Number of years with no days at, or above, 90°: 3 (1915, 1920, and 2000)

Year with the most days 90° or above: 28 (1933)

Decade with the most days at 90° or above: 1930s (165)

The number of years with at least 20 days of 90° or above: 9 (the most recent was 1988)

Month with the most 90+° days: July 1987 (15); Incidentally, over the 115 years of records, the month of July averages the highest number, of 90° days per year, with 4.

The longest stretch of consecutive days of 90° or hotter: 9 days (June 16th-24th, 1995)

The earliest Traverse City has recorded 90° or higher: April 29, 1970 (a high of 90°)

The latest Traverse City has recorded 90° or higher: September 29, 1898 (a high of 90°)

The last year that had as many 90+° days as we've seen this year (so far): 1991, which had a total of 18 for the entire year.


A Look at the Century Mark and Above at Traverse City

The hottest temperature ever recorded: 105° (July 7th, 1936)

Year with the most 100+° days: 1936 (6)

Decade with the most 100+° summer days: 1930s (11)

Number of years with at least one day of 100° or above: 13

Month with the most 100+° days: July 1936 (6)

The longest stretch of consecutive days of 100° or hotter: 5 days (July 7th-11th, 1936)

The last time Traverse City hit 100°: July 31, 2006

 Prepared by JH 7.18.2012

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