Some Rivers Remain In Flood - Latest Stages and Forecasts

The excessive rainfall the past week has pushed many rivers into flood. Here are the latest stages and forecasts for selected locations.

For the Mississippi River locations, check out this webpage

For more information on any of the rivers and/or the hydrology situation across the Upper Mississippi River Valley, check out our Hydrology Monitor and our AHPS (Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service) pages.  You can also click on any of the hydrographs below for more information about that location.

Trempealeau River - Dodge
Flood Categories
Major Flood: 12 ft
Moderate Flood: 11 ft
Flood Stage: 9 ft
Action Stage: 7 ft
Historical Crests:
  1. 12.75 ft on 09/25/2010
  2. 12.29 ft on 06/29/1998
  3. 11.56 ft on 03/15/2007
  4. 11.44 ft on 09/18/1992
  5. 11.36 ft on 08/24/1975

Turtle Creek - Near Austin
Flood Categories
Major Flood: 14 ft
Moderate Flood: 12 ft
Flood Stage: 10.5 ft
Action Stage: 7 ft
Historical Crests:
  1. 14.77 ft on 09/16/2004
  2. 13.77 ft on 06/12/2008
  3. 12.85 ft on 06/01/2000
  4. 12.76 ft on 07/10/2000
  5. 12.71 ft on 09/24/2010

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