Mississippi River Gauge in La Crosse Malfunctioning

The official Mississippi river gauge at La Crosse /LACW3/ on Isle La Plume is malfunctioning. There is currently no estimate on when repairs will be made.

Due to recent flooding, sedimentation has occurred in the bottom of the well where measurements are made. This sedimentiaion is not allowing the gauge to measure the water level properly. The gauge reading has been stuck at a stage of 5.57 ft since Friday morning. Based on upstream and downstream river gauges, this stage is about a half a foot too high.  About 8 tenths of a mile upstream, the gauge at Riverside Park reports a La Crosse Mississippi River stage closer to 5.1 ft early Sunday morning.   For the latest river readings, refer to our Hourly River Stages webpage.

Based on upstream gauges and flow, the stage for the Mississippi River at La Crosse is forecast to stay around 5 feet through the week.  If you have recreational plans on the Mississippi River near La Crosse, please be aware of the gauge descrepancy, and use caution.   At stages closer to the 5 foot level, many of the wing dams on either side of the main channel become close enough to the water surface that they could be hit by boaters.

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