Simplified Winter Advisory and Warning Suite

The National Weather Service (NWS) will be consolidating several types of cold season advisories and warnings starting this winter.  The purpose of the change is to simplify and clarify communication and dissemination of winter weather hazards.

This change will combine a number of advisory and warning informational products into categories associated with similar hazards.  For example, conditions last winter that prompted the issuance of separate winter weather, snow, and blowing snow advisories will simply be issued as winter weather advisories this winter.  This consolidates seven different types of advisories to three, and six warning types to just four.  Certain hazards will retain their own product names due to the uniqueness of their impacts.

Information on what hazards to expect will still be included and detailed at the start of each advisory or warning product.

There will be no change to the winter weather watch products.

The tables below show the new winter weather advisory and warning products:

Hazard Advisory Product
Freezing rain Freezing Rain Advisory
Mixed precipitation Winter Weather Advisory
Snow Winter Weather Advisory
Snow and blowing snow Winter Weather Advisory
Sleet Winter Weather Advisory
Blowing snow Winter Weather Advisory
Wind chill Wind Chill Advisory


Hazard Warning Product
Blizzard Blizzard Warning
Heavy freezing rain Ice Storm Warning
Heavy snow Winter Storm Warning
Heavy snow and blowing snow Winter Storm Warning
Heavy sleet Winter Storm Warning
Extreme wind chill Wind Chill Warning


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