Historical Wind Events

November 10, 1998...

On November 10, 1998, a rapidly intensifying low pressure system tracked from northern Kansas to near Superior in northwest Wisconsin.  As the low pressure system moved across southeast Minnesota around noon, the automated weather observing equipment at the Albert Lea and Austin airports measured a barometric pressure of 28.43 inches.  This was the lowest barometric pressure reading ever recorded in Minnesota.  The previous record of 28.55 inches set on January 11, 1975 in Duluth. Records for measuring low pressure date back to October 1870.  Also, a new all-time record low pressure for the Twin Cities was set with a barometric pressure reading of 28.55 inches. The previous record was 28.77 inches set on 13 April 13, 1964.

The damaging winds associated with this intense low pressure system knocked down power lines, trees, buildings, signs and left many without power. A 75 foot flag pole on Grandad Bluff in La Crosse was sheared off, while winds gusted to 93 mph at the nearby National Weather Service office.  Numerous duck hunters were stranded and rescued along the Mississippi River due to high waves and toppled boats.  Locally, one death was reported when a man was hit by a falling tree near Genoa, WI.

 Below are links to information on some other wind events to impact the region over the years...


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