Average First Date of Measurable Snowfall

Below are the average first dates of measurable snowfall for various locations in southeast Minnesota, northeast Iowa, and western Wisconsin.

As we transition into the Winter season, many factors can influence the average first date of snowfall. Storm tracks across the Upper Midwest can lead to large gradients between snow and rain. Also, ground temperatures in the late Fall are still relatively warm, and if the observation is not taken immediately after the snow ends, some of the snow may melt. This is especially true during overnight snow events, where some of the snow can melt before the morning observation.


Location 0.1" 1.0" 3.0"
La Crosse, WI Nov. 11 Nov. 27 Dec. 18
Rochester, MN Nov. 5 Nov. 21 Dec. 13
Austin, MN* Nov. 13 Nov. 21 Dec. 13
Winona, MN* Nov. 24 Nov. 27 Dec. 17
Preston, MN* Nov. 21 Nov. 27 Dec. 15
Medford, WI* Nov. 6 Nov. 13 Dec. 6
Prairie Du Chien, WI* Nov. 24 Nov. 29 Dec. 21
Platteville, WI* Nov. 18 Nov. 30 Dec. 22
Waukon, IA* Nov. 24 Nov. 28 Dec. 21
Charles City, IA* Nov. 15 Nov. 28 Dec. 20
Oelwein, IA* Nov. 21 Nov. 28 Dec. 14

* - Represents a Cooperative Observer site


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