May 21st Juneau County, WI Smoke Plume Detected by Radar

One of the things that we can monitor through our new dual polarized products is smoke from fires.  The Correlation Coefficient (CC) product helps the radar operator distinguish precipitation from non-precipitation.  Values of 0.9 (yellow) to 1.0 (maroon) are typically precipitation.  In the case of large hail, the CC values range from 0.75 (green) to 0.85 (yellow).  Non-precipitation (such as smoke) typically shows up with CC values less than 0.75 (blues and greens).

During the late morning and afternoon of May 21st, our radar was picking up the smoke from a prescribed burn (over 900 acres) in the Necedah Wildlife Refuge in northern Juneau County.  This showed up as a small dark blue square (less than 0.50 CC) at the start of the fire around 11:26 AM and then the plume of smoke (still dark blue) from the fire drifted south (following the winds) toward the Mauston area by 1:40 PM.  The image below initially shows a magenta oval indicating where to watch for the plume and then shows 10-minute radar images during the aforementioned time period.

Smoke plume from the prescibed fire in the Necedah Wildlife Refuge.

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