New Analysis and Forecasting System Being Installed Today

On Tuesday, November 12th, the National Weather Service office in La Crosse will install the second generation of the Advanced Weather Interactive Processing System (AWIPS2). This system is the core tool used by NWS meteorologists and hydrologists to analyze data and create forecasts and warnings. This major upgrade will bring advanced capabilities and allow us to create new services and tools for forecasting.

Some of the exciting advances this system will bring to our forecasting and warning capabilities include:

  • The ability to add new data types easily. The current AWIPS requires tedious trial and error testing and configuration. AWIPS2 requires only giving the system a simple configuration file. This allows more rapid research to operations transitions of new data.
  • Expandability of the system. The current AWIPS is a closed system, meaning it cannot expand to have new tools or functions. AWIPS2 provides many ways to add new components and tools, which will have direct access to the data inside it.
  • Increased ability to scientifically analyze data. AWIPS2 will provide an entire programming language used to create new parameters and visualization.
  • Full GIS capabilities. All data in AWIPS is geographical, meaning we will be able to provide more GIS products for our users in the future.

All critical services will continue during the upgrade:

  • Warnings and forecasts will not be interrupted.
  • The NWS offices in Des Moines, IA and Davenport, IA will take over responsibility for La Crosse, issuing forecasts and hazardous weather alerts as needed
  • NOAA weather radio will remain on the air during this upgrade, although it may not update for several hours in the morning.
  • National Weather Service web sites will not be affected and will remain up to date.
  • Some highly specialized services may be interrupted for a few days as we work to migrate our tools; however, we will give restoration of direct partner services the highest priority following the upgrade. 

We will provide updates on the progress of this installation via our web site, Facebook, and Twitter.

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