Recent Rain Reports May 25 2009 (Map Included)

Rain totals from this event based upon reports through Monday morning and into the afternoon.

See a listing of the rainfall amounts below the map.


Note that 6N means 6 miles north of the indicated location.  

HARVEY 5NE              1.12   
MCCLUSKY 8NW            1.70   
TAYLOR                  1.49   
OBERON 3N               1.00   
KILLDEER 18W            1.30   
WILTON 10W              1.85   
BUTTE 10SW              2.00   
DOUGLAS 6S              1.40   
RUSO 4SE                1.65   
GRASSY BUTTE 2ENE       0.96   
ROSEGLEN                1.35   
BALTA 9NW               1.15   
DRAKE                   1.06   
BALDWIN 2W              1.81   
DUNN CENTER 10NE        2.12   
SOLEN 15N               1.25   
WASHBURN 3SW            1.50   
TURTLE LAKE 4SE         1.75   
CENTER 1E               1.76   
MYLO 2NE                1.00   
RICHARDTON 14S          1.35
BELEFIELD 6N            1.70
BUTTE 10SW              2.00
BISMARCK 10SE           1.15
NWS BISMARCK            1.59
NEW SALEM 8SE           1.70

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