10 Year Anniversary of the November 1, 2000 Tornadoes

The November 1, 2000 Tornado Event Storm Summary

Five tornadoes passed through south central North Dakota during the afternoon hours of November 1, 2000.  Tornadoes were reported in Burleigh, Morton, Oliver, and McLean counties.  Damage was reported across north Bismarck, including damage to roofs, garages, windows, and campers.  Bismarck officials reported 42 homes with minor to moderate damage and two minor injuries.  Click here for the official tornado storm data report.

The tornadoes skipped along the ground along the reported paths below:

1)  1:55pm - 2:05pm CST:  Tornado across north Bismarck

2)  2:33pm - 3:40pm CST:  Tornado 7 NNW Bismarck to 14 SE Center

3)  3:05pm - 3:20pm CST:  Tornado 3 WSW Wilton to 10 NW Wilton

4)  3:43pm - 4:05pm CST:  Tornado 3 E New Salem to 6 WNW New Salem

5)  3:58pm - 4:45pm CST:  Tornado 8 SW Mercer to 5 S Underwood 

The map below indicates the approximate tornado paths. 

Note:  The tornadoes generally tracked from east to west.

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