Experimental Extreme Cold Warning Product

An experimental product, the Extreme Cold Warning, will be issued by the National Weather Service in Bismarck, North Dakota, through mid April.


Occasionally, temperatures fall well below zero with little or no wind, and so the wind chill temperature is the same or similar to the air temperature. Issuing wind chill products may seem inappropriate because there is no wind. In these cases, where it is dangerously cold but there is no wind chill, an extreme cold warning would be issued.



Wind chill advisory...wind chills 25 below zero to 39 below with 5 mph or higher wind speed.


Wind chill warning...wind chills 40 below zero and colder with 5 mph or higher wind speed.


Extreme cold warning...air temperature 30 below zero and colder with wind speed under 5 mph.


In all of these cases the above criteria would need to be met over a widespread area and for several hours.


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If you have questions contact john.paul.martin@noaa.gov or at 701-250-4495.

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