Flood Watch for parts of Northern North Dakota and Northern James River Basin

 Flood WATCH issued by National Weather Service Bismarck ND

A flood watch for snowmelt runoff is in effect for parts of northern North Dakota and the northern James River Basin from Thursday afternoon through the weekend.
Temperatures are forecast to warm across the Souris and James River basins beginning Thursday, and continue through the weekend. Widespread highs in the 40s are forecast for Thursday, 50s for Friday, and 60s for Saturday and Sunday. Overnight lows will be above freezing starting Thursday night, and through the weekend. This temperature pattern will support a very aggressive melt of most of the snowpack.
So far this spring, the melt has been remarkably gentle with little runoff reaching streams and rivers. Instead, the melt water has been absorbed by the soil. This is expected to change as snow melts faster than the soil can accept the water, possibly resulting in significant runoff, and flooding.
Stream and river rises are likely from Friday through the weekend, along with an increased risk of overland flooding. Those living in flood prone areas should use this week to assess their flood risk from both river and overland flooding, and take appropriate action to protect life and property.
Counties in this flood watch include, Divide, Burke, Renville, Ward, Bottineau, Mchenry, Rolette, Pierce, Wells, and Foster.
Monitor forecasts and be alert for possible flood warnings. If you come to a flooded road, do not drive into the water, turn around, and find another route to take.


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