NE CO Tornado Outbreak Review - June 8 2014

Oveview: At this time 9 tornadoes occurred on Sunday in our warning area. 6 of these were over northeast Colorado while the other 3 were in Park County.  A survey team went to Park County and found a few pockets of EF2 damage however most of the damage was EF1.  More details will be available in the next few days as more information is collected

Event Time/Date Location County Information Preliminary EF Rating
Tornado 1055am
8 SSW Fairplay Park, CO Tornado Ended at 1104 am
Mostly over open country
Damage to a roof of a home.   Elevation:  9800 FT
Tornado 1106 am
6 SE Fairplay Park, CO Tornado Ended at 1115 am Over open country
Elevation 9400 FT
Tornado 1232pm 6/8/14 4 W Lake George Park, CO Tornado Ended at 1257 pm
Homes & RV's Damaged near
Lake George  
Elevation: 8000-9000 FT
Tornado 1254pm 6/8/14 2 S Grover Weld, CO  Over open country EF0
Tornado 1258pm 6/8/14 Aurora Arapahoe, CO 1 INJ *** DAMAGE TO CONSTRUCTION TRAILER AND GOLF  CARTS. EF1
Tornado 112pm 6/8/14 5 ENE Palmer Lake Douglas, CO Over open country EF0
Tornado 117pm 7 SSE Roggen Weld,CO  Over open country for 1 mile EF1
Tornado 132pm 12 ESE  Prospect Valley Weld, CO  Over open country EF0
Tornado 143pm 15 SSE Bennett Arapahoe, CO  Over open country EF0
NWS Doppler Images
KFTG Base Velocity (12:27pm 6/8/14)

KFTG Storm Relative Velocity (12:27pm 6/8/14)


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