2008 4th Driest Year So Far For Denver***UPDATED***

So far in 2008 through July 11th, Denver International Airport has had only 3.26 inches of precipitation. This makes it the 4th driest period from January 1st through July 11th since records have been taken. The following is a list of the five driest January through July 11th periods since 1872:


1ST             2.87  INCHES               1930

2ND            2.96 INCHES                1925

3RD            3.21 INCHES                1954      

4TH            3.26 INCHES                2008

5TH            3.94 INCHES                2006


Note: 2002 was the driest year on record for Denver with a total of 7.48 inches.  At this point in 2002...the total precipitation was 5.34 inches. The numbers above certainly indicate that Denver could be headed for a very dry year.  However...One good thunderstorm or big winter storm could drastically change the numbers.   

WFO Boulder Staff

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