June 15th Elbert County Tornado Rated EF2

The National Weather Service in Boulder conducted a storm survey for the June 15th Elbert County Tornadoes.   There were three separate tornadoes.   The strongest tornado began 8 miles south southwest of Elizabeth with an EF0 rating.   This tornado then moved southeast and intensified with EF1 an EF2 damage noted 9 miles south of Elizabeth.   The tornado then moved on a more southerly track for the next 2 miles with additional EF1 an EF2 damage seen.   The tornado then continued southward for another mile before lifting with some EF0 and EF1 damage seen.   The total path length was around 4 miles with the maximum width around 1/4 mile at its peak.

Two additional short lived tornadoes occurred with one 4 miles south of Elbert and the other 5 miles southeast of  Elbert.  Both of these tornadoes were rated EF0.

Here are some pictures of damage associated with the tornado 8 to 9 miles south of Elizabeth.


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