New Left Hand Menu Update 7/06/2009

       Denver's  Web Page Left Hand Menu Update

Updated on 7/06/2009

The new left hand menu was activated on June 29.

The left hand menu will appear to be nearly the same.  It will have the same blue backgroud with the Yellow categories highlighted.  The standardization involves streamlining the left hand menu and making all of the Central Region home pages be standarized (appear the same).  There will be categories or pages that you are used to looking at and maybe even have bookmarked or set as a favorite.  These links will need to be changed.  At least initially, most of our old pages will still be accessible but they will probably be in a different location.  Some of the items on the left hand menu will still be same.

If you do not see your familiar link on the left hand menu, you can try clicking on one of the these 3 links:

         Observations                  Preparedness             Items of Interest

Many of our old links will appear on one of the above clickable links.  Please note that some of the older pages will soon be enhanced but should still have the same url name.  If that should change, then we will send out an article in News Of The Day explaining what happened to a link and where it can be found. 

On 7/06/09, the link to the "Local Forecast" page was reinserted on the left hand menu.  It is back under the Forecast section.

On 7/03/09, we added the severe weather reports for northeast Colorado to the "Observations" link.  Both the hydrology information and the hydrology precipitation maps pages were added to the "Items of Interest" link.


If you cannot find a page that you normally use, please contact the webmaster for our site (normally that is me).  The webmaster email address is:


We have been through this before and have successfully changed over and I am sure we can do it again.  At least if the left hand menu is standardized, our many customers will be able to easily navigate through our website.

WFO Denver/Boulder Webmaster



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