Denver's Sunshine Data Collection Ending 9/30/09

...The Sunshine Sensor at the Former Denver Stapleton Airport will  be Deactivated on October 1st 2009...


Beginning October 1, 2009...daily minutes of sunshine as reported in the supplementary climatological data message (SCD) and also on the Preliminary Local Climatological Data Form (WS-Form F-6) will be discontinued.

The Foster-Foskett Sunshine Switch Sensor which measures minutes of observed sunshine is nearly 60 years old and is difficult to maintain and calibrate.  More accurate and reliable solar radiation data are available from the NOAA National Climatic Data Center (NCDC), from the NCDC Climate Reference Network (CRN), and the NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory's Surface Radiation Network (SURFRAD). 

These data can found at the following websites:

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