December 2006 Has Now Moved Into 3rd Most Snowiest Denver December

The latest winter storm (December 28th-29th 2006), which is a second separate winter storm, has officially dumped 7.0 inches at the former Stapleton International Airport.  This amount is measured by COOP weather observers and their snow depth is measured at 6AM.  This total of 7.0 inches has moved December 2006 into 3rd snowiest Denver December in Denver weather history with a total of 28.4 inches.  The most snow ever recorded in Denver during December is 57.4 inches recorded in 1913.  December 1913 is also the snowiest month in Denver weather history.  (Note:  These 2 recent winter storms are separate storms and cannot be added together to count as one single storm because they are one week apart and therefore the December 20-21 storm will still remain in 7th strongest winter storm in Denver weather history)

The December 20-21 Winter Storm officially measured 20.7 inches at the former Stapleton International Airport.  This puts this winter storm in 7th position in strongest winter storms in Denver Weather History since 1946.  See the table below for the Top 12 Denver Snowstorms since 1946. 

 Denver’s Snowstorm Total Snowfall Statistics

Greatest Amount Of Snowfall Over 5 Days: 45.7 inches intermittently from December 1-5, 1913
(37.6 inches of continuous snowfall (40 hours) recorded between December 4-5th)

The Top 12 Denver Snowstorms since 1946:

31.8 inches Mar 18, 2003
30.4 inches Nov 3, 1946
23.8 inches Dec 24, 1982
21.9 inches Oct 25, 1997
21.5 inches Nov 27, 1983
21.2 inches Nov 19, 1991
20.7 inches Dec 21, 2006
18.7 inches Mar 5, 1983
17.7 inches Nov 19, 1979
17.3 inches Apr 1, 1957
16.9 inches Mar 20, 1952
16.0 inches Oct 3, 1969

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