Denver’s Preliminary 2007 Climatological Annual Statistics

There was nothing spectacular in Denver’s 2007 annual climatological statistics.  None of the annual statistics made it into the top ten annual categories...warmest ... coldest... wettest...driest...snowiest and/or least snowiest.  Temperatures extremes in 2007 ranged from  minus 18 degrees on February 2nd up to 100 degrees recorded on June 24th...July 2nd and July 17th.  The  minus 18 temperature was a new February 2nd daily record.  The July 2nd 100 degree reading tied a daily record but the July 17th 100 degree reading was not high enough to tie or break the record for that date.  The average temperature for the year through December 30th was slightly above normal.   Precipitation for the year was 14.00 inches which  was 1.81 inches below the yearly normal (15.81 inches).  Snowfall for the calendar year...which is January through December...was 55.4 inches which is 6.3 inches below the  61.7 inch normal.  Seasonal snowfall is measured from July 1st through June 30th.  So far...July through December...26.4 inches has been tallied which is only 0.8 inch above the seasonal average for the 1st half of the 2007-2008 season.  There were 18 different types of records tied or set during the year.  In the snowfall category...there was 7.8 inches recorded on Christmas Day which was a new record snowfall for December 25th.  The previous Christmas Day record was 6.2 inches...recorded in 1894.

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