We're looking for volunteers to measure rain and snow! CoCoRaHS training in Denver in August!


CoCoRaHS training in Denver this month! 

  The National Weather Service and CoCoRaHS (The Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network based at CSU) are looking for volunteers to measure precipitation in their own backyards and report their observations via the Internet (www.cocorahs.org). It’s fun and easy and only takes five minutes a day! With over 15,000 volunteers spread across every state, CoCoRaHS measurements are being used for important daily and long-term decision-making on drought and water supply for agriculture, recreation, utility providers, resource managers, teachers, scientists and homeowners. Organizations like the National Weather Service use CoCoRaHS data on a daily basis across the county.

We are especially interested in observers in the Denver metro area, where we would like to have a high density network to study the small scale variability of precipitation. Areas from downtown Denver to the north and east are not well represented in our current data. Storms in these areas are not well documented.

Training sessions are scheduled for the Denver area during the month of August.  A schedule is located here: www.cocorahs.org/state.aspx

We are also always interested in more observers in rural areas, where thunderstorms often go between observation points. Rural observers are especially important for drought monitoring, as the network of official observing stations often does not represent smaller scale patterns within a particular county.

More observations will allow us to better monitor the progression of drought as well as the day-to-day weather. This is something that ordinary citizens using a simple 4” rain gauge and a ruler can help us with.

You can learn more about CoCoRaHS at www.cocorahs.org.

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