December 17-23 in Area Weather History

Dec 17: A bitterly cold airmass covered the region on this day in 1964. Low
              temperatures from 25 to 35 degrees below zero were common over
              the area.  Medicine Bow, WY chilled to 44
degrees below zero!
Dec 18: On this day in1998 a winter storm brought heavy snow to far southeast
              Wyoming. 12 to 18 inches of snow fell over the south Laramie range before
              the storm began to ease on the 19th with 8 to 10 inches over the adjacent
              plains. The storm closed both Interstates 25 and 80 along with most other
              roads in far southeast Wyoming.
Dec 19: Another very cold arctic airmass spread over the region on this day in 1990.
              Temperatures over many areas of the plains plunged 50 to 60 degrees from
              their highs on the 18th to readings generally from 15 below to 25 below zero
              on the 19th. 
              Cheyenne’s lowest record high of the year was equaled on this day in 1979
              when the temperature warmed to 59 degrees. The other two days with a record
              high of 59 in Cheyenne are December 31st and January 13th.
Dec 20: On this day in 2006 a powerful low pressure system over southeast Colorado
              produced a major blizzard across much of the region. Heavy snow combined
              with winds gusting from 40 to 55 mph to produce whiteout conditions and
              drifts from 5 to 8 feet. Cheyenne recorded its all-time greatest daily
              snowfall for December with 12.5 inches while a report of 23 inches was
              received from near Chugwater. Essentially all roads were closed over the area
              and more than 20 tractor-trailer trucks were stranded along Interstate 80 in the
              Nebraska panhandle. Sadly, one life was lost due to the storm.
Dec 21: Extremely cold airmasses covered the region on this day in both 1990 and 1983.
              Cheyenne set it’s coldest temperatures on record for December on those days
              with lows of 28 degrees below zero. 
              Cheyenne recorded wind gusts of 71 mph and 70 mph on this day in 1992 and
              1978, respectively.
Dec 22: The coldest air of the 1989 arctic outbreak was felt on this day. Cheyenne
              equaled it’s lowest December temperature on record with a low of 28 degrees 
              below zero, while Scottsbluff set their coldest December temperature, and 2nd
              coldest temperature ever recorded, with a bitterly cold low of 42 degrees below
              zero! Scottsbluff also set their lowest daily high temperature on record on this
              day in 1989 with a high of only 13 degrees below zero.
Dec 23: On this day in 1987 almost a foot of snow (11.5”) covered Rawlins, WY.
              The 1983 arctic air outbreak remained entrenched across the region. Cheyenne
              recorded it’s 4th consecutive day in which the temperature remained below zero
              while Chadron and Scottsbluff were in their 7th consecutive day. Lows across
              the plains were generally from 20 below to 30 below zero for the 4th consecutive
              day. Snowfalls were mainly light however.
              The 1989 arctic outbreak finally moved out on this day and much warmer
              temperatures returned. Cheyenne saw a 2 day temperature change of 75 degrees
              from a low of 28 degrees below zero on the 22nd to a high of 47 on the 23rd.
              Scottsbluff recorded an impressive 84 degree temperature change, from a low
              of 42 below on the 22nd to a high of 42 above on the 23rd.

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