December 24-31 in Area Weather History

Dec. 24: The last of 5 consecutive days that the temperature remained below zero occurred on
               this day in 1983 for Chadron, Alliance and Scottsbluff. Cheyenne warmed above zero
               in the late evening on this day due to Chinook winds, and ended Cheyenne longest
               recorded streak of below zero temperatures at 120 hours.
               A winter storm brought 18.2 inches of snow to Laramie on this day in 1982, while
               Cheyenne received 5.5 inches.
Dec. 25: Dreaming of a white Christmas? Unfortunately, it is not common in this area. Cheyenne
               has recorded measurable snow on this day 24 times out of 129, or 19% of the time.
               Cheyenne has recorded at least an inch of snow only 9 years out of 126, or 7% of the
               time. It’s even less in Scottsbluff, where measurable snow has fallen on Christmas day 15
               years out of 119, or 13% of the time, and at least an inch has fallen only 5 times out of
               119, just 4% of the time.  The last time it snowed on Christmas day was just last year in
               2012 with many areas receiving a inch or two of snow. 
               Your chances for a white Christmas improve if you count snow on the ground, regardless
               of whether or not it snows. In that case, Cheyenne has had at least ½ inch of snow on the
               ground on Christmas Day 25 times out of 65, or about 38% of the time. Scottsbluff has had
               at least a half inch of snow on the ground on this day 38 out of 100 times, or 38% of the
Dec. 26: Today is one of the least likely days in the season to get significant snow over the eastern
               plains of Wyoming and the Nebraska panhandle. Record daily snowfalls for today are
               only about 2 inches for most locations in that area.
Dec. 27: It can get warm around here in December. Scottsbluff recorded its warmest day on
               record for December on this day in 1980 with a high of 77 degrees. 
               A regional snowstorm produced 7.9 inches of snow in Scottsbluff and 7.2 inches in
               Cheyenne on this day in 1987, while 11.6 inches of snow covered Cheyenne on this
               day in 1979.
Dec. 28: On this day in 1998 Cheyenne recorded a top wind gust of 75 mph. 
Dec. 29: A strong cold front swept across the area on this day in 1923. After highs around 50
               Degrees, temperatures fell around 50 degrees during the late afternoon and evening to
               lows by midnight around zero.
Dec. 30: A nice 6.0 inch snowfall covered Cheyenne on this day in 1947, while Scottsbluff was
               coated with 7.5 inches of snow on this day in 1931.
               The 1923 cold wave settled over much of the region with most areas remaining either
               below zero or in the single digits above zero. After a high of 49 on the 29th, Cheyenne
               bottomed out at -21 on this day, a 70 degree temperature drop.

Dec. 31: High winds struck parts of far southeast Wyoming on this day in 2008. Cheyenne
               recorded a peak gust of 71 mph, which is the only time since February 3, 1999 that
               Cheyenne had had a wind gust of at least 70 mph..

A winter storm closed out 1975 over parts of the region on this day. Laramie was buried
               under a foot of snow while Douglas received 11.5 inches. Scottsbluff recorded 10.9
               inches of snow while 9 inches fell near Wheatland.
               Cheyenne initially recorded its lowest December temperature on record on this day in
               1923 with a low of 28 degrees below zero. Since then it has been equaled on December
               21st of 1983 and 1990, and on December 22nd of 1989 and 1990.

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