Area weather history for March 5-11th.

Mar. 5:   Today is statistically the most likely day of the year for it to snow in Cheyenne.
                From 1883 through 2011 measurable snow has fallen on this day 44
                times, or 34.1% of the time.
                On this day in 1983, Chadron received its greatest daily precipitation
                ever recorded in March when 1.38 inches fell.
Mar.  6: On this day in 1990, Douglas, Wyoming was buried under 15.2 inches
                of  snow, while 10 inches of snow covered Cheyenne. A report of 18
                inches of snow was noted near Wheatland.
                On this day 1972, Cheyenne recorded its highest wind gust ever with
                a peak gust speed of 86 mph. 
Mar.  7:  A 3 day winter storm came to an end across southeast Wyoming on
                this day in 1990. Cheyenne recorded a total of 18.9 inches of snow for
                the entire storm while 20 inches was recorded near Wheatland.  16.2
                inches was reported at Douglas while a total of 15.1 inches fell at Laramie.
Mar.  8:  On this day in 1932, the high temperature for the day in Cheyenne was
                only -1. This is the second latest day of the season with a high temperature
                less than zero in Cheyenne.

                March is on average the snowiest month across the region, but today is the
                least likely day for it to snow this month, at least in Cheyenne. Measurable
                snow has fallen in Cheyenne on this day only 22 times since 1883, or 17%
                of the time.       
Mar.  9:  On this day in 1958 Cheyenne received 4.0 inches of snow, while 3.5
                inches of snow fell in Cheyenne on this day in 1941.
Mar. 10: On this day in 1988, Laramie, Wyoming was covered with 10 inches of snow.
Mar. 11: On this day in 1974 a snowstorm brought 10 inches of snow to Scottsbluff,
                On this day in 1948, Scottsbluff recorded its lowest temperature ever in
                March with a low of 27 degrees below zero.

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