Area weather history for April 9-15

Apr.  9:  A very moist storm system began to affect the area on this day in 1901. Heavy
               snow began falling at higher elevations, including Cheyenne, where 9.0 inches
               was recorded by the end of the day.
Apr. 10: An additional 4.0 inches of snow fell in Cheyenne on this day in 1901 bringing the
               two day total to 13.0 inches. Snow levels fell enough that 3.0 inches of snow fell
               in Kimball, Nebraska.  
Apr. 11: The 1901 storm brought an additional 4.7 inches of snow to Cheyenne and 3.5
               inches to Kimball. This raised Cheyenne’s’ storm total to 17.7 inches over the
               3 day period.
               A more significant and widespread winter storm began affecting much of the
               region on this day in 1927. 2.7 inches of snow was recorded in Cheyenne by the
               end of the day, with an inch in Scottsbluff. Much more was to come during the
               following 4 days.  
Apr. 12: The 1927 winter storm intensified over the region, bringing 5.2 inches of snow
                to Cheyenne, 6.5 inches in Scottsbluff, and 8.0 inches to Chadron, Nebraska.
               Cheyenne recorded a peak wind gust of 70 mph on this day in 1982.     
Apr. 13: The 1927 winter storm brought an additional 7.0 inches of snow to Chadron, 6.8
               inches to Scottsbluff, with 5 inches recorded in Kimball. The storm eased a bit
               over southeast Wyoming with just 2 inches recorded in Cheyenne.
               Another winter storm started in Cheyenne on this day way back in 1890, with
               7 inches to start with on this day.     
Apr. 14: Just over a foot (12.5 inches) of additional snow buried Scottsbluff from the 1927
               storm. It brought the snow depth to 23 inches, which still stands as Scottsbluff’s
               greatest snow depth on record. 12 inches of snow was also recorded in Kimball,
               with 8.0 inches in Cheyenne. 
Apr. 15: The 1927 storm finally ended on this day. Total snowfall from the storm included
               17 inches in Kimball, 18.9 inches in Cheyenne, 27.7 inches in Scottsbluff, and an
               amazing 32.1 inches in Chadron, Nebraska.

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