Area Weather History for May 21-27

May 21:  An unusually late season snowfall occurred in Cheyenne on this day in
                1891, producing a total of 3 inches.                     

May 22:  Scottsbluff reached 100 degrees on this day last year, in 2012.  It was
                the earliest 100 degree reading on record for Scottsbluff.

                On this day in 2008, the area was struck by severe thunderstorms
produced large hail, tornadoes, and some flash flooding. Three
               tornadoes moved across parts of Albany and Laramie counties, the most
                significant being the tornado that struck Laramie, WY. This was the same
                storm that earlier produced a tornado at Windsor, Colorado. The tornado was
                unusual in that it moved across the Laramie Range over an elevation of over
                8500 feet before moving across parts of eastern and northern Laramie,
                bringing that city its only known tornado in its history.

                Another late season storm began to move across southeast Wyoming on this
                day in 1975, producing 3.7 inches of snow in Laramie, Wyoming by the end
                of the day.   
May 23:  A second round of severe thunderstorms struck the area again on this date in
                2008 with a 
total of 5 more tornadoes tracking across parts of Kimball, Laramie,
                Goshen and Platte counties. Fortunately the tornadoes remained primarily
                over open country but caused some damage. Hail up to 1 3/4 inch in
                diameter was also reported in a few areas.
                The 1975 storm system moved away after leaving a total of 5 inches of
                snow, and 1.12 inches of precipitation, in Laramie.
                Cheyenne was soaked with 1.50 inches of precipitation on this day in 1968.   
May 24. The largest known tornado outbreak in Wyoming occurred over northern and
                eastern Laramie county on this day in 1990. Around a dozen tornadoes were
                produced by a group of severe storms, with the largest tornado about ¼ mile
                wide. Fortunately damage was limited due to the tornadoes remaining over
                open country, though hail up to 2.5 inches in diameter was reported in Albin,
                A significant flood began over parts of Kimball and Cheyenne counties of the
                Nebraska panhandle late on this day in 1997. Over 7 ½ inches of rain was
                reported over western Kimball county from thunderstorms which caused major
                flooding along Lodgepole Creek from Bushnell east to the Cheyenne county line.           
May 25:  On this day in 1997 the Lodgepole Creek floodwaters from Kimball county spread
                east across Cheyenne county, inundating homes and businesses in Potter,
                Nebraska with water up to 4 feet deep. Two bridges across Lodgepole Creek were
                washed out, as well as 30 feet of railroad track. Over 80 miles of farmland along
                Lodgepole Creek were covered with several feet of flood water. Total damage
                estimates at that time were around 2.5 million.
May 26:  Heavy rains produced a total of 2.00 inches of rain in Scottsbluff on this day in 1898.
May 27:  Cheyenne's earliest 90 degree temperature ever recorded was reached on this day
                in 1969 with a high of 90 degrees.

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