EF-2 Tornadoes Hit Southeast Wyoming

EF-2 Tornadoes Hit Southeast Wyoming

On Tuesday May 18, 2010 a series of tornadoes moved across southeast Wyoming. During the early afternoon hours thunderstorms began developing mainly in Colorado. Around 330 PM a strong thunderstorm just south of the Wyoming and Colorado produced a tornado that moved to the north into southern Laramie County at approximately 340 PM. This tornado was seen by many people from the Cheyenne area. No known damage occurred with this tornado and the tornado was rated an EF0. The thunderstorm itself moved across Cheyenne with reports of quarter size hail and heavy rain.

 Tornado South of Cheyenne

 Photo by James Jacob

At 530 PM another thunderstorm moved into southern Kimball County Nebraska from northern Colorado causing warnings to be issued. This storm moved northwest into the Pine Bluffs, Wyoming area and intensified prompting a tornado warning at 536 PM. A tornado was reported at 548 PM along the Wyoming and Nebraska border south of Pine Bluff. As the storm moved over the tornado lifted but reports of damaging hail and heavy rain were received. The storm strengthened and moved to the west northwest. Reports of many tornadoes were received from north of Interstate 80 near Egbert, Wyoming. One storm spotter stated that he witnessed eight tornadoes from his vantage point near the Egbert exit with three tornadoes occurring simultaneously at 624 PM. The storm and tornadoes caused damage between Egbert and Hillsdale, Wyoming with the most extensive damage in and to the north of Burns, Wyoming. This tornado was rated as an EF2 tornado.


Looking Northwest from the Egbert exit along Interstate 80

Photo by Dan Fitts

One house in Burns lost its roof. Several ranches north of Burns had many out buildings damaged and destroyed. These storms also produced damaging hail and flash flooding.


Road Damage from Flash Flooding

 Photo by Scott Farray

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