Area weather history for May 28-June 3.

May 28: An unusually late and cold winter-like storm moved across the region on this
               day in 1947. Cheyenne only reached 30 degrees for its high temperature, which
               still stands as the latest day in the season that the temperature remained below
               freezing in Cheyenne. In addition, the storm also left a total of 6.6 inches of snow,
               which began late on the 27th.  The same storm system also affected Scottsbluff,
               leaving a total of 4.8 inches of snow there, 3.0 inches of which fell on this same day.
May 29: On this day in 2003, Scottsbluff set its all-time record high for May with a high
               of 103 degrees. Cheyenne equaled its warmest May temperature with a high of
               91, which was previously attained on this day in 2000.        
May 30: Kimball, Nebraska reached their earliest 100 degree temperature on record on
               this day in 2003 with a high of 101 degrees. 
               On this day in 1999, a tornado briefly touched down on the far north side of
               Cheyenne, causing some damage to a house on Riding Club Road.
               Today is the day with the highest frequency of measurable precipitation in
               Cheyenne. Measurable precipitation has been recorded on this day of the year
               67 times since 1871, or about 47% of the time.        
May 31. On this day in 1918, Scottsbluff received its greatest daily precipitation on record
               for May when 2.42 inches of rain deluged the city. 2.12 inches of rain also fell
               in Scottsbluff on this day in 1895.
Jun   1:  On this day in 1919, Cheyenne recorded 1.6 inches of snow, which is one of only
               6 times that at least one inch of snow has fallen in Cheyenne in June.
Jun   2:  A rare morning tornado struck the town of Guernsey, Wyoming, on this day in
               1991 at about 9 A.M., damaging vehicles and about 5 homes.
               Cheyenne recorded its all-time coldest temperature on record for the month of
               June on this day in 1951, with a low of 25 degrees. 
               Scottsbluff recorded a tenth of an inch of snowfall on this day in 1951, which
               remains the latest day of the season on record that measurable snow has fallen in
Jun   3:  On this day in 1995 heavy rain resulted in significant flooding in Wheatland,
               Wyoming, with water up to 3 feet deep reported on some streets.
               A nice 1.17 inches of rain fell onto Cheyenne on this day in 2005.

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