Area Weather History for June 4-10

Jun 4:  Today is the day with the highest frequency of measurable precipitation in
              Scottsbluff. Measurable precipitation has been recorded on this day of the
              year 56 times since 1893, or about 46% of the time.
              Rare June snowfalls occurred in Cheyenne on this day in 1937 and in 1892.
              Snowfall amounts of 3.0 inches and 8.0 inches were recorded, respectively.
Jun  5: On this date in 2009 a tornado moved across extreme southern portions
              of Goshen county. Little damage occurred as the tornado moved over open
              country but was observed and intensely studied by the VORTEX chase teams.

              On this day in 1996 a tornado caused extensive damage to two farms about 5
              miles north of Bridgeport, Nebraska.
              A severe thunderstorm produced wind gusts to 70 mph at the Scotts Bluff county
              airport on this day in 1991.
Jun 6:  On this day in 1993, a severe thunderstorm produced 1.75 inch diameter hail in
              Morrill, Nebraska, breaking numerous windows, while about 2 inches of rain
              fell east of Lyman, Nebraska.

              On this day in 2012 a tornado tracked south-southeast from west of Wheatland
              to northeast of Chugwater.  The tornado was about 1/4 mile wide at times and
              destroyed about 5 houses.  Hail up to 4 inches in diameter also fell from the
              parent thunderstorm.

Today is the average last freeze date in spring for Laramie, Wyoming.

Jun 7:   On this date in 2011 severe thunderstorms moved across parts of east central
              Wyoming into the Nebraska panhandle and produced very large hail and a few
              tornadoes.  Hail up to 4 inches in diameter fell near Morrill, Nebraska while a
              tornado touched down on the far east side of Scottsbluff and moved to near
              Mc Grew, Nebraska causing some damage.

              Cheyenne’s most recent June snowfall occurred on this day in 1998 when 0.2
              inch of snow fell.

              On this day in 1953, Scottsbluff received its greatest daily precipitation on record
              when 3.18 inches of rain deluged the city. 2.74 inches of rain also fell in Scottsbluff
              on this day in 1925.

              Cheyenne received 7.0 inches of snow on this day way back in 1889.
Jun  8:  Cheyenne's most recent June freeze occurred on this date in 2007 with a low of
              31 degrees that morning.  Laramie bottomed out at 24 degrees.

              On this day in 1996, lightning knocked off a chimney from a house and split a tree
              in Cheyenne.
              On this day in 1968 a severe thunderstorm produced hail up to 5 inches in diameter
              near Pine Bluffs, Wyoming.
Jun 9:  On this day in 1991 a tornado struck the town of Minatare, Nebraska, just southeast
              of Scottsbluff.  20 homes were destroyed with 30 others damaged along its 4 mile track.
              Damage estimates exceeded 2 ½ million.     
Jun 10: On this date in 2009 severe thunderstorms produced hail, flash flooding and a
               few small tornadoes over parts of Scotts Bluff and Morrill counties. Hail near a foot in
               depth accumulated in a couple areas due to the slow movement of the storms.

               On this day in 1986, thunderstorms brought over 2 inches of rain to much of the central
               part of the Nebraska panhandle, with Kimball recording 2.52 inches of rain. 
               3.30 inches of rain fell in Bridgeport, Nebraska,on this day in 1965, while 2.54
               inches of rain fell in Lusk, Wyoming, on this day in 1941.

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