Area Weather History for July 30 - August 5

July 30: Heavy rains fell across parts of the region on this day in 1997. 2.28 inches was
               reported near Kimball, Nebraska, while 1.30 inches fell in Scottsbluff. Close to
               an inch of rain also fell in Cheyenne and near Pine Bluffs. 

July 31: On this day in 1960 Cheyenne recorded its warmest daily low temperature on
               record with a low of 68 degrees.
               A major hailstorm struck Cheyenne on this day in 1996, with hail reported up to
               2.5 inches in diameter. Damage was estimated to be about 3.4 million.
  Aug 1: The great Cheyenne flood occurred during the evening hours on this day in 1985.
               A severe thunderstorm became stationary over Cheyenne and produced large
               hail and major flooding across much of the city, worst over central Cheyenne.
               An all-time daily precipitation record of 6.06 inches of rain was officially recorded.
               Twelve people died while 70 were injured. It still remains the worst storm
               to strike Cheyenne and the most damaging storm in the history of Wyoming.                           
  Aug 2: On this day in 2000, Rawlins recorded its warmest day on record with a high of
               98 degrees. 
               The last of 28 consecutive days with a high of at least 90 degrees occurred in
               Scottsbluff on this day in 1901. 
  Aug 3: Heavy rains in excess of 3 inches fell in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming on this date
               in 2007, with Market Street closed for a time due to high water.
               On the same day about 1 inch of rain fell in about 30 minutes over parts of
               east Cheyenne.  
               It was certainly more like fall in Shirley Basin, WY on this day in 1995 when a
               low temperature of 33 degrees was recorded. 
               1.77 inches of rain soaked the city of Scottsbluff on this day in 1987. 
  Aug 4: Cheyenne recorded its warmest daily average temperature on record on this day in
               1979 with an average daily temperature of 79 degrees.
               On this day in 1927 Cheyenne recorded the last of 8 consecutive days with at
               least a tenth of an inch of rainfall. 
  Aug 5: On this day in 1927 Chadron, Nebraska recorded its greatest daily rainfall in
               the month of August when 2.06 inches drenched the city.

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