Area Weather History for November 19-25.

Nov 19:  A winter storm system that moved through the region over a 3 day period began
               to move out on this day in 1930. In its wake it left 9.1 inches of snow in Cheyenne,
               while Scottsbluff and Chadron recorded 7.6 and 6.8 inches of snow, respectively.
               A powerful winter storm was organizing itself over the region on this day in 1979.
               By the time it moved out late on the 21st it produced record snows in some areas.
Nov 20: The 1979 winter storm reached its maximum intensity over the region on this day.
               Cheyenne was buried under an all-time record daily snowfall of nearly 20 inches
               (19.8”), while 26 inches of snow was reported near Wheatland. Daily snowfall
               amounts elsewhere included 13 inches at Douglas, 10.8 inches at Rawlins, and
               7.6 inches in Scottsbluff.

               On this date in 1900 Cheyenne recorded its first measurable snow of that season,
               the latest first measurable snow of the fall season on record for Cheyenne.        
Nov 21: The 1979 winter storm wound down and departed the area on this day. Total
               snowfall from the storm included 25.6 inches in Cheyenne, 17 inches in Kimball,
               12.8 inches in Scottsbluff, and an impressive 30 inches near Wheatland!
               Cheyenne recorded 0.01 inch of precipitation on this day in 1934. That ended a streak
               of 56 consecutive days with no measurable precipitation, Cheyenne’s longest such
               streak on record.
Nov 22: One last record from the 1979 winter storm. Cheyenne’s deepest snow cover on record
               was recorded on this day with a snow depth of 26 inches.  
Nov 23: Today is the day with the lowest frequency of measurable precipitation for Scottsbluff.
               Measurable precipitation has fallen there on this day only 7 times since 1893.
Nov 24: Almost as dry for this day in Scottsbluff. It is the second lowest frequency with
               measurable precipitation for Scottsbluff with just 8 days of occurrence since 1893.
Nov 25: Laramie, Wyoming recorded it greatest daily snowfall amount for November on this
               day in 1983 when 9.3 inches fell on the city. It was the beginning of 5 days with snow
               that would total 21 inches from the 25th through the 29th.

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