Area Weather History for October 8-14

Oct  8:  An unusually strong and cold winter storm began to move across the region on
              this day in 2009, and lasted for over 4 days.  An inch or two of snow fell over
              much of far southeastern Wyoming and the southwest part of the Nebraska
              panhandle on this first day of the storm while temperatures remained below
              freezing in some areas.

              On this day in 1970 residents of Laramie, Wyoming woke up to a low of 7 degrees
              below zero.

Oct  9:  On this day in 1982 a winter-like storm brought 6.9 inches of snow to Cheyenne.
              On the other extreme, Cheyenne recorded its warmest October temperature on
              record on this day in 1910 with a high of 85 degrees. Scottsbluff also set its
              highest October temperature with a summer-like high of 92 degrees.

Oct 10: Cheyenne only reached a high of 17 degrees on this day last year as the winter
storm continued over the region.  It set a new record for the lowest high
              temperature ever recorded in Cheyenne on this date.  Scottsbluff only reached
              25 degrees for a high, also a record.

A wet storm system moved through the region on this day in 2005, producing an
              October record tying daily rainfall of 1.42 inches in Scottsbluff.  The same storm
              also dropped 5.7 inches of snow in Cheyenne.

              The warmest October temperature on record for Scottsbluff occurred for the second
              day in a row on this day in 1910 with a high of 92 degrees reached once again.

Oct 11: The 2009 winter storm began to wind down over the region on this day after
              leaving around a foot of snow across much of southeast Wyoming and the
              southwestern Nebraska panhandle over the 4 day period.  It was one of the heaviest
              snowstorms on record for early October over some areas including Cheyenne which
              recorded 12.8 inches of snow from the 8th through the 11th.   Scottsbluff
              measured 11.3 inches.

              On this day in 1973, 9 inches of snow covered Sidney, Nebraska, while in 1969 a
              more widespread system dropped 7.3 inches of snow in Sidney and 6.5 inches in

Oct 12: Chadron, Nebraska received its greatest daily precipitation on record for the month
               of October on this day in 1924 when 1.26 inches of rain fell.

Oct 13: No measurable snow has yet been recorded in Scottsbluff on this day.  It remains the
              latest day in fall in which no measurable snow has fallen in Scottsbluff. 

Oct 14: Cheyenne ended its longest period with no precipitation on this day in 1879.  On
               that day, 0.09 inch fell, bringing to an end a streak of 51 days with not even a trace
               of precipitation.

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