January 29-February 4 in Area Weather History

Jan. 29: The greatest daily snowfall ever recorded in Rawlins, WY.
                occurred on this day in 1980 with a total of 19.0 inches.
                Cheyenne recorded a maximum wind gust of 73 mph on
                this day in 1990.

Jan. 30: Another of many typical windy winter days occurred in
                Cheyenne on this day in 1971, with a peak gust of 70 mph. 

Jan. 31: Chadron, Nebraska closed out this month in 1949 with a
daily snowfall of 2.5 inches. That brought the total snowfall
for January to 59.6 inches, which still stands as the greatest
monthly snowfall ever for Chadron.  Recall that the blizzard
of 1949 brought 41 inches of snow to Chadron earlier that
month.  Other records for January snowfall include:

                Cheyenne’s record January snowfall:  35.5 inches in 1980.
Scottsbluff’s record January snowfall: 23.7 inches in 1949.
Kimball’s record January snowfall:  22.4 inches in 1988.
Laramie’s record January snowfall:  19.0 inches in 1949.
Rawlins’s record January snowfall:  42.9 inches in 1980.

Feb.   1:  It was a cold morning across the area on this day in 1951,
                with Cheyenne bottoming out at 20 degrees below zero.

Feb.   2:  On this day in 1989, area groundhogs did not see their
shadows as heavy snow fell over much of south central
Wyoming.  Rawlins had 12.4 inches of snow while 13.4
inches of snow covered Laramie.

                Eleven inches of snow fell onto Scottsbluff, Nebraska on
this day in 1894.

                One of the colder low temperatures ever recorded in
Cheyenne occurred on this day in 1883, with a low of 28
degrees below zero. 

Feb.   3:  It was another windy day in Cheyenne on this day in
1999 as a gust of 71 mph was recorded. 

                Nine inches of snow covered Scottsbluff, Neb. on this day in
1932, while bitterly cold temperatures persisted in Cheyenne
on this day in 1883 with a low of 25 degrees below zero.

Feb.   4:  On this day in 1966, Chadron saw the last of 16 consecutive
days with minimum temperatures below zero. 

                On this day in 1986 a storm system brought 6.6 inches of
snow to Scottsbluff.

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