April 2014 Weather Summary for Dodge City

This past April weather across southwest Kansas could be characterized as windy, dry and changeable. For April there was only 0.74 inches of moisture observed at the Dodge City airport, which was 1.08 inches below normal. This was the 5th month in a row with below normal precipitation in Dodge City. In fact, from December 2013 through the end of April the total amount of precipitation observed at the Dodge City airport was 2.33 inches which is the 17th driest December through April on record. The driest on record for the same period was only 0.27 inches ending in 1880. Normal is a little over six inches.

Snow fell on the 13th and 14th across the area and accumulated to 2.2 inches at the Dodge City airport. The monthly total of 2.2 inches brought the seasonal total to 31.1 inches at the airport which was above the normal amount of 21.1 inches.

Temperatures made wild swings during the month. The warmest reading was 90 degrees observed on both the 12th and 26th. The reading of 90 on the 12th tied the record for that date at the airport but was the only temperature record for the month. The coldest temperature observed was 24 degrees which occurred on both the 1st and 15th of the month. The mercury dropped to 32 on the last day of April at the airport and was even colder across parts of the Dodge City area and southwest Kansas. The average temperature for April was 54.1 degrees which was only slightly above the normal of 53.9 degrees. This was only the second time since June of 2013 that the monthly normal has been above normal.

It was a fairly windy month. The average daily wind speed at the Dodge City airport was 16.4 MPH which was above the normal of 14.9 MPH. The strongest wind recorded at the airport was 58 MPH which occurred behind a cold front on the 28th. The wind remained very strong for several days. Wind speeds of at least 50 MPH were reported across parts of southwest Kansas on the 27th, 28th and 29th. There was also significant blowing dust on those days. It is worth noting that the average wind speed for March and April combined was 16.2 MPH which is the windiest since 1991 and ranks as the 17th windiest since 1938.

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