July 2008 Weather Summary for Dodge City

Precipitation for July 2008 at the Dodge City Regional Airport was well below normal once again.  The total precipitation was only 1.14 inches, which was 2.03 inches below  the average.  The highest 24 hour amount was 0.66 inches from the 28th to the 29th.  The total precipitation from January 1st to July 31st 2008 was 9.17 inches, which was 5.52 inches below normal  This is the 22nd driest total for that period with records dating back to 1875.  The driest was January-July 2002 when there was only a total of 5.71 inches.   In the last 50 years only 2002, 1991, 1970, 1966 and 1963 were drier than 2008.  The annual precipitation for those years ended with 14.52 inches, 12.72, 12.26, 14.14 and 12.97, respectively.

Despite the hot temperatures the last third of the month, July 2008 was only 0.6 degrees above normal with an average of 80.4 degrees.  The average high was 94.8 degrees and the average low was 65.9 degrees.  No records were set during the month.  The highest temperature was 103 degrees on the 31st and the lowest was 48 degrees on the 13th.  The total of 100 degree days ended with 11.  The temperature reached at least 100 degrees every day from the 20th until the 27th.  That is when the remnants of Hurricane Dolly brought cooler temperatures to the area.  It heated back up to above 100 degrees on the 31st and continued until August 4th.

The average wind speed was 12.8 mph.  The highest wind gust was 47 mph from the south on the 6th.  The amount of sunshine for the month was 81 percent.

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