Winter Weather Awareness Day in Kansas

The National Weather Service, in cooperation with Kansas Emergency Management, will observe Winter Weather Awareness Day on Wednesday, November 19th.  This day is designated as a day to prepare for the cold, snow, and ice that can be expected during the winter season.  We want to promote safety preparedness for the potentially hazardous weather that winter can bring each year.

During this time of year, rapidly changing weather can often catch people unprepared. Precipitation can begin as rain and quickly change to snow or freezing rain. As you travel, make sure to obtain the latest weather forecast and road conditions before you head out. Traveling even short distances in winter can mean dramatically different weather conditions.

Each year dozens of people die across the United States due to the exposure of cold and winter weather elements.  A substantial number of persons die in vehicle accidents attributed to poor driving conditions.  Others can perish due to dangerous use of space heaters.  Persons outside shoveling should take frequent rest breaks and drink plenty of water.

In the high plains, major winter storms can trap people in their home or vehicle, sometimes for days!  The biggest threat for those trapped may be hypothermia or frostbite. Areas on the body most susceptible to frostbite are:


Ear lobes and the nose

Areas Most Susceptible to frostbite

Fingers and the toes


If you must travel during adverse winter weather, make sure you let others know of your destination including your departure and arrival times.  It is extremely important to have a winter weather survival kit which can include the following:

Winter Weather Survial Kit Should Include Thse Items


Statistics show that as we grow older, the potential for death during winter conditions actually increases with age, almost exponentially!

Death Rates increases with age


Check back frequently to the Dodge City National Weather Service web page for the latest weather story of the day.  The Hazardous Weather Outlook is another source of information about storms that may be looming on the horizon.


For more information on winter weather information, please go the Winter Weather Safety and Awareness web site of the Office of Climate, Water and Weather Services.



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