Tornadoes Cause Damage In Southern Finney County

A monster Supercell thunderstorm spawned five tornadoes and numerous gustnadoes associated with downburst winds Wednesday evening on the 29th of April in the Garden City area.  The storm initially was moving east towards Garden City but then took on supercell characteristics and turned almost due south.  In addition to the tornadoes and high wind, very large hail was also reported with some the size of softballs falling on the back side of the storm. 

A dairy farm took a direct hit and even though the tornado did EF1 damage with 100 to 110 mph winds, there was a heavy toll on the cattle as numerous pieces of tin and sheet metal churned through the pins.   Much of this debris was carried almost 4 miles.  At least 100 head were mortally injured or had to be put down.  There was one injury at the dairy when a door flew open injuring a female although not seriously.  

There was also EF1 damage done to a several modular homes northwest of Plymell in the Ponderosa addition.  One woman was struck in the face by a piece of lumber as it smashed through a window.

All told there were 15 pivot irrigation sprinklers damaged or destroyed.

Map of the tracks of damage

Tornado underneath the supercell (photo by Ed O'Neal)

Photo of the tornado striking the Dairy (photo by Devon Olds)


Radar data at 713 PM

Damage in the Ponderosa addition northwest of Plymell

Trailer house and pivot sprinkler in the background

Damage at the Dairy

Video of the hail, tornadoes and gustnadoes (video by Verne Carlson, posted on and can be viewed by clicking on Youtube)


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