Was it a wet and cold Summer?

The summer months are usually considered to be June, July and August.  For many residents of southwest Kansas there is a thought that this was one of the coldest and wettest summers on record.  Although there certainly were areas that had much above normal rainfall, there were also areas that received very little moisture. At the Dodge City airport, rainfall for the three month period was 12.36" which made this summer the 24th wettest on record.  The most ever recorded was in 1884 when 18.89" fell. What might be the culprit in the thought of being so wet is the timing of the rains which kept much of the region green throughout the summer.

Below is a graph showing the wettest summers on record at Dodge City.

Top 15 wettest summers on record at Dodge City.


Across western Kansas there was a considerable difference in rainfall distribution.  Below is a map showing estimated rainfall for the summer months of June, July and August.

Estimated Summer Rainfall

As far as temperatures, there were certainly a lot of cool periods but there was also a string of very hot temperatures in August.  For the three months, the average temperature at the Dodge City airport was 76.2 degrees (below normal) but which is only the 51st coolest summer.  Even just five years ago on 2004 the summer was cooler than this year.

Below is a graph showing the coolest summers on record at Dodge City.

Top 15 coldest summers at Dodge City


Jeff A. Hutton
Warning Coordination Meteorologist

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