10th Wettest Month on Record for Dodge City (July 15, 2010)

With an additional 0.91 inches of rain Wednesday night (14th), July 2010 is now the tenth wettest month on record for the Dodge City Regional Airport.  The total through Thursday morning was 8.27 inches.  The wettest month was May 1881 with 12.82 inches of precipitation.

The 10 wettest months on record for Dodge City:

   1.     12.82 inches          May 1881

   2.     11.17 inches          June 1899

   3.     10.31 inches          May 1898

   4.       9.26 inches          September 1906

   5.       9.13 inches          July 1962

   6.       8.84 inches          March 1973

   7.       8.76 inches          June 1908

   8.       8.69 inches          May 1951

   9.       8.55 inches          June 1912

  10.      8.27 inches          July 2010


The top 15 wettest months on record for Dodge City.

Combining rainfall that fell in June, the total for the summer is 12.71" (as of the 14th) which ranks as the 19th wettest summer, with a month and a half to go!

Top Wettest Summers In Dodge City.


It has also been the third wettest start (June 1 through July 18) to summer.

Wettest Start to Summer

July so far is the 2nd wettest July on record for Dodge City, with still some time to reach the record of 9.13" set in 1962.

July Rainfall



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