July 2010 Weather Summary for Dodge City

July 2010 at the Dodge City Regional Airport was a very wet month, especially during the first half.  A 24 hour precipitation record was set on the 4th and 5th when 6.95 inches of rain fell from the evening hours into the morning hours.  The previous record was 6.08 inches on June 7th and 8th way back in 1899.  For the month, there was a total of 8.40 inches of precipitation, which was 5.23 inches above normal.  This was the second wettest July on record, with the wettest being 9.13 inches in 1962.  This also was the 10th wettest month with records going back to 1874.  The wettest month was May 1881 with 12.82 inches. 

From January 1st, 2010 to July 31st, 2010, a total of 20.44 inches of precipitation had fallen, making this the 11th wettest year so far.  This was 5.75 inches above normal.  For June and July the total precipitation was 12.84 inches.  As of July 31st, this was the 6th wettest summer on record.  The wettest June and July was 17.73 inches in 1899. 

The average temperature was 79.9 degrees, which was 0.1 degrees above normal.  The average high was 91.9 degrees and the average low was 67.8 degrees.  The highest temperature was 100 on the 13th, and the lowest was 61 on the 9th.  No records were set during the month.

The average wind speed was 11.0 mph.  The highest wind gust was 56 mph from the southwest on the evening of the 4th.

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