Huge Grass Fire in Stanton County (updated)

A huge wildfire began in Stanton County near the Colorado border around 1100 AM on 22 March and spread rapidly northeast toward Johnson City. The smoke plume from the fire spread across Dodge City and temporarily reduced visibilities around 500 PM. Ash from the fire fell in Ulysses. Winds were from the west at 25 to 35 mph with frequent gusts in excess of 40 mph during the afternoon. Relative humidities dropped as low as 8 percent. The smoke plume was clearly evident on radar imagery, and heat from the fire appeared on satellite imagery. 

 Click on the link below to view images of the fire.

 Images of Wildfire in Stanton County on 22 March 2011


On March 23rd, a day after the fire, a high resolution satellite image (available from showed the 38,000 plus acre burn scar.  The "true color", 250m resolution image can be viewed below.   The fire was extremely close to entering the town of Johnson which would have been devestating. Fortunately the efforts of fire fighters and the fact that the wind began to diminish prevented the potential disaster.


Satellite image showing the area that burned, depicted by the black color.

 Image showing the burn scar



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