April 2011 Weather Summary for Dodge City

April 2011 was below normal for precipitation at the Dodge City Regional Airport.  The total precipitation was 1.01 inches which was 1.24 inches below normal.  The greatest 24 hour amount was 0.42 inches on the 26th and 27th.  Precipitation since January 1st was only 2.34 inches and that was 3.03 inches below normal.  There was 0.2 inches of snowfall in April which was 0.8 inches below normal.  The total snowfall for the 2010-2011 season through the end of April was 12.2 inches, which was 9.4 inches below normal.  The only measureable snowfall reported across southwest Kansas during the month was out in Hamilton county where around 6 inches fell in the Coolidge area on the 14th.  There were a few tenths reported around Dodge City that day.

Temperatures for April were above normal with an average of 55.8 degrees which was 1.9 degrees above normal.  Two record highs were set during the month with readings of 94 degrees on the 3rd and 9th.  The lowest temperature in April was 27 degrees on the 16th.  The average high temperature was 71.2 degrees and the average low was 40.3 degrees.  During the first 13 days of the month temperatures were above normal for 12 of them.  During the last 17 days temperatures were below normal on 13 of them.

The average wind speed for April was 14.9 mph.  There were three days where the highest wind gust was in excess of 50 mph.  That was on the 3rd with 61 mph, the 15th with 69 mph and the 29th with 52 mph.  April 15th was an extremely windy day with an average of 32.9 mph.  The wind was sustained between 35 and 45 mph with gusts to near 60 mph just about every hour between 2am and 6 pm.  April 15th was the 2nd windiest day on record at Dodge City since September 1992 when the automated surface observing system was commissioned.  The windiest day was on March 27th, 2009 during a blizzard with an average wind speed of 33.4 mph.  That was the day that Pratt set a 24 hour state snowfall record with 31 inches.  Back during the great blizzard of March 24th, 1957 the average wind speed was 43.6 mph!

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