High Wind Hits Rural Hodgeman County

A downburst hit a rural Hodgeman County farm late in the evening on Tuesday, June 28th, 2011.  The farm, located about 10 miles west of Jetmore, sustained damage from the downburst that produced winds of about 75 mph.  Radar showed the thunderstorm had passed off to the east/southeast but it appears that rapidly dissipating mid level clouds and light precipitation behind the storm started the downward transport of the high wind. The following image shows the location of the damage area and the radar image at 1031 PM.

 radar image at 1031 PM

An dated aerial view of the damage path of the downburst.


The residents of the farm described that the winds increased very rapidly after the light rain had begun again (accompanied by a roar southwest of their location)  and appropriately had taken shelter in the basement.  The debris from the objects damaged by the wind were deposited in a consistent fashion that occur in downburst events.


Damaged roof of the original Hodgeman County school house

overturned cattle chute

debris from the damaged barn

2 x 4 driven through sheet metal


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