Solar Radiation Storm in Progress

A solar flare erupted from the sun at 604 PM CST Tuesday 6 March, and a strong solar radiation storm is affecting the earth. The solar radiation storm which occurred in January 2012 was stronger than the current storm. Effects of this solar radiation storm are the following:

  • High Frequency radio communications have been disrupted in the polar regions of earth. Some commercial aircraft have been diverted from polar routes as a consequence of loss of radio communication in the High Frequency range.
  • A moderate geomagnetic storm is affecting the earth. The strength of this storm is expected to be similar to that observed in August 2011.
  • Additional geomagnetic activity is expected after midnight tonight with the arrival of a mass of charged particles originating from the sun.
  • Geomagnetic activity is not expected to be strong enough to damage power grid elements.
  • Errors in highly sensitive Global Positioning Systems, such as those used in surveying, precision navigation, etc. are possible.
  • Aurora may be visible in the northern portion of the contiguous United States.

Additional solar storms are possible through mid March.

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