June 2012 Weather Summary for Dodge City

Temperatures were well above normal during the month of June at the Dodge City Regional Airport.  The average temperature was 79.2 degrees which was 5.3 degrees above normal.  The average high temperature was 94.6 degrees and the average low was 63.7.  This was the 8th warmest June on record.  There were a few highlights for the month.  Dodge City established the all-time record high on the 27th when the temperature reached 111 degrees.  The previous record was 110 degrees which was tied the day before.  The last eight days of the month were very hot with highs of at least 103 degrees each day.  This was by far the warmest 8 day stretch for the month of June with an average temperature of 89.7 degrees!  The previous warmest stretch was back in 1998 from June 23rd to the 30th with an average of 87.4 degrees.  Also, from June 24th of this year to June 28th the temperature was at least 107 degrees each day.  This had never happened before with records dating back to 1874.  The previous record for consecutive days of at least 107 degrees was four days from August 11th to August 14th in 1936.  There were several records set or tied during the month.  In addition to the all-time record high, two other record highs were set on the 24th and 28th.  Record highs were tied on the 25th and 26th.  One highest minimum temperature was tied on the 29th when the low only got down to 78 degrees. 

June 2012 precipitation for Dodge City was well below normal.  The total for the month was 1.78 inches which was 1.46 inches below normal.  The total precipitation since January 1st was 9.53 inches which was 1.23 inches below normal.  The highest 24 hour total was 1.08 inches during the early morning hours on the 16th. 

The average wind speed for the month was unusually high with an average of 15.1 mph.  The last time it was this windy was last June with an average of 15.7 mph.  The highest wind gust was 51 mph which occurred twice.  The first was on the 14th from the west and the second was on the 19th from the south.


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