Rare February Tornadoes Strike Southwest Kansas

Tornadoes in February in southwest Kansas are a rare occurrence but striking at night is even more of a rare event.  Late in the evening on February 23, 2007, two tornadoes danced across the farmland of Meade, Gray and Ford counties.  The strongest and longest lived tornado had it’s sights on Dodge City but fortunately dissipated before reaching the city of 30,000 plus.  It did however produce EF1 damage southwest of town. 

The first tornado started at 956 PM CST 8.5 miles west of Fowler in Meade county and traveled about 2.5 miles before dissipating at 1006 PM 7.5 miles northwest of Fowler.  It did very minor damage to some trees.

The second tornado to form started 6.3 miles northwest of Fowler at 1011 PM and traveled a total of 17 miles dissipating at 1040 PM 7 miles southwest of the Dodge City Post Office.  It did EF1 damage to five pivot irrigation sprinklers, trees and some outbuildings...in addition to moving a 3000 gallon tank about 1/2 of a mile.

Click here for the tornado track map.

Click here for a picture of damage to one of the pivot spinklers near the end of the track of the second tornado.

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