Tornadoes Rake Across Southwest Kansas (updated 4/6/07)

Nine tornadoes roared across parts of southwest Kansas Wednesday evening and night, March 28th.  Fortunately folks in the path of the tornadoes had ample warning and were able to take precautions to prevent any injury or death.  There was severe destruction in parts of Hodgeman and Ness counties from one of the tornadoes that was 3/4 of a mile wide at times and tracked 29 miles.  Although no human life was lost, there were approximately 90 head of cattle that perished along the path of the largest tornado (over 20 have yet to be found).  A dozen homes were either destroyed or received some damage. Over 150 power poles were taken down  along with many miles of transmission lines.  Some sheet metal debris from one farm has been found over 30 miles away.

  Start time Location End time Location Length Width Rating
Tornado 1 728 PM 3.4 SE Meade 732 PM 2.5 ESE Meade 1.4 miles 50 yards EF0
Tornado 2 732 PM 4.7 NE Meade 735 PM 4.7 NE Meade 1.3 miles 50 yards EF0
Tornado 3 735 PM 8.5 NNE Coolidge 745 PM 13.9 NNE Coolidge 5.5 miles 100 yards EF0
Tornado 4 742 PM 3 W Fowler 805 PM 5.3 S Ensign 13.3 miles 125 yards EF1
Tornado 5 758 PM 10.2 S Howell 812 PM 2.4 SSW Howell 7.8 miles 50 yards EF0
Tornado 6 814 PM 1.7 NW Ensign 831 PM 4.3 ENE Cimarron 10.4 miles 200 yards EF1
Tornado 7 832 PM 9.2 N Howell 856 PM 11.7 WSW Jetmore 10.7 miles 200 yards EF1
Tornado 8 839 PM 14.5 SE Meade State Park 858 PM 9.9 E Meade State Park 8.7 miles 100 yards EF0
Tornado 9 901 PM 9.1 W Jetmore 950 PM 5.7 NE Beeler 29.1 miles 1320 yards EF3

Below are  a few images of the damage from two different tornadoes and a map showing the track of the largest tornado.

Pivot sprinkler damaged 6.4 miles ESE of Cimarron in Gray county

House destroyed 12.9 miles NW of Jetmore in Hodgeman county

Power Pole and transmission line damage 15.2 miles SSW of Ness City in Ness county

Destroyed Toyota pickup 12.2 miles southwest of Ness City in Ness county

Large oil storage tank landed on the road  10.7 miles SW of Ness City in Ness county

Modular home destroyed  13.3 miles northwest of Jetmore in Hodgeman county

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