** Greensburg Tornado Rated EF-5 (updated May 22)

The First "5" Rating on the new Enhanced-Fujita Scale
...and the first "5" classification since May 3, 1999 when an F5 tornado ripped through Moore, Oklahoma.

This page is not complete...additional information will be available as time permits.  Significant tornadoes tracked over the same areas on May 5th and distinguishing tracks from May 4th and May 5th has been difficult...along with the fact that extensive areal flooding has been occurring in the area of some of the tornado tracks.  Below is an image from the Dodge City doppler radar velocity data showing the incredible rotational "tornado vortex signature" shortly before changing the town of Greensburg, Kansas forever:

Preliminary findings...

There were a total of 12 tornadoes on the evening and night of May 4th.  Five maps depicting the tracks of those tornadoes follow:  Additional details and images will be posted ASAP, including May 5th and May 6th events.   The tornado that formed just northeast of Greensburg at 1003 PM CDT grew into a 2.0 mile wide monster and was rated as a strong EF3 tornado.


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